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About Us

                  BeachLIFE Fitness was created to inspire a community of healthy living! Here we strive to get the entire family involved in fitness for Life.  As a small studio, special attention and care are given to each of our members.  Goals are encouraged and guided to achieve success.  Here at BeachLIFE Fitness you will find a special community that works hard together to motivate and inspire one another.  

                  "Health and Fitness are more than a passion for my family, they are a way of life.  As a graduate of the Exercise Science Program at  Gonzaga University, I have worked in a variety of settings including group fitness, personal training, childhood research, professional publication, fitness video production, physical therapy, fitness program management, cheer and gymnastics. The world of fitness and motherhood have  helped me to develop a whole family approach to training. I find it essential to get everyone involved and to make healthy living a fun and exciting way of life.  Children are inspired by their parents, and a love of an active life starts early.  Let us help you to your goals and find a way to unlock your full potential! " 

~ Owner, Jennifer Jens (BS Exercise Science, AFAA, ACSM)

                   BeachLIFE Fitness hires nationally certified trainers and we all work together in a team approach to help develop programs that will lead you on a successful fitness journey! Join us and get on your way to a new, healthier you!

The BeachLIFE Fitness Team

We love making an impact in your life!

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Jennifer Jens


Ann D

Boot Camp Trainer

Strength Coach

Personal Trainer

Tara K

Yoga & Barre Instructor

Vina C

BootCamp Trainer

Yoga Instructor 

Missy B

TRX Shape and Tone Trainer

Gymnastics Instructor

Ashley D

Cycle Instructor 

Barre & Pilates Instructor

Anne K

Cycle Instructor 

Gymnastics Instructor

Kristen C

Gymnastics Instructor

Mackinzie B

Ballet Instructor

Faith J

Music Instructor 

Gymnastics Instructor

Keri C

Cycle Instructor

BootCamp Trainer

Stephanie L

Cycle Instructor

Spring M

Cycle Instructor

Gabby S

BootCamp Trainer 

Personal Trainer