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Beachlife fitness

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Adult fitness, gymnastics, ballet & music



           This high energy workout will challenge every body type. Intervals, Circuit, HIIT, Calisthenics, and much more are used to give you 60 minutes of exciting, calorie-blasting strength and cardio! Each workout is uniquely designed by our team of trainers and tailored to your needs!



      Tone, strengthen, lengthen and balance in this ballet inspired adult fitness class is a fabulous combination of dance, yoga and Pilates. This 60 minute workout is great for all levels, no experience required!

Suspension Training


This Exciting New Class Offering is a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility. Utilizing a suspension trainer you will sculpt, strengthen, balance and train your body. Cardiovascular intervals will be added to this class to boost your calorie burn and keep your metabolism pumping all day! This unique bodyweight training will sculpt, tone and strengthen your body in incredible ways!



          This 60 minute class will transform your mind and body. Take yourself on a body strengthening, stretching and balancing experience, through a variety of traditional yoga poses and flows in a fitness style class. This form of Hatha Yoga will invigorate your body.

Beach Yoga

          Come join us for yoga on public beach access one off of Johnson Beach Road.  The sand between your toes adds a whole new level to your yoga practice!  

                Ask us about our special events, we'd love to come to your group for yoga!