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@Sorrento RD Studio

            Learn the fundamentals of this classic. Children ages 2-9 are welcome in our age group specific classes. Skills will be taught, little bodies will learn proper form, technique and a love for dance. Age appropriate learning games and techniques will be used to create delight in your little ballerina as she dances through the studio and then on to the stage in our Spring Recital.

Beginner Gymnastics / Tumbling

@Sorrento Rd Studio

          Create a love for tumbling and gymnastics through our recreational program.  Children will learn tumbling skill, balance training and floor routines. These high energy classes are available for children 2-9 years of age.

Mom & Me Gymnastics 

@Sorrento Rd Studio

Take your toddler on a fitness journey. They will learn gymnastics skill through this fun, interactive 45 minute class. Parent is an active participant in this high energy tumbling, balancing, jumping, climbing class!! 0-3 yrs

Junior Sports Conditioning Bootcamp



This exciting class is great for your child (ages 8+). Our top certified trainers teach the fundamentals of fitness, weight lifting, body conditioning, sport training, healthy living, and more! Each week your child will have a dedicated lesson to build on during the upcoming classes, goal setting and progress will be encouraged! This is a fantastic way for your child to learn proper (age appropriate) form, technique and skill that will set him or her up for lifetime of fitness!

Boys Gymnastics


           This high energy class is great for boys 5-9 years! They will learn to be active, balance, tumble, stretch, 

Tiny Tots Music


This is an interactive class designed to teach your children through music!  We sing, dance and play instruments in this thirty minute class.  Designed for ages 0-4, your child will have fun getting their rhythm!

Toddler Open Gym


            60 minutes of active play for your toddler. Mom and Me fun with our creative movement, tumbling and fitness equipment. A great play-group outing!! Drop in rates and punch cards available.

Birthday Parties

       Our gym space is perfect for your child's birthday party!   Your child and their friends will get 2 hours of fun open-gym style play!  We have tables and chairs, and set everything up for you.  Contact us today about reserving your spot!